Collection from Lancashire, North West, not far from Lancaster.

We may be able to deliver roaches, please get in touch with us for a quote.

PLEASE NOTE – Grub’s Up is in it’s infancy and we are still setting up our breeding colonies. As a result we don’t expect to have substantial numbers available until autumn 2017 at the earliest. We will keep you updated!

Dubia Roaches

This is a newly set-up breeding colony which we hope to expand over the next year. We will have roaches of all sizes and if you’re looking for pets or to set up a breeding colony yourself, we can sex them too.

Small: £2 for 100
Medium: £2 for 80 (coming soon)
Large: £2 for 40



We have had people comment on how cruel it is to breed mice to be used as food, and ask why we wouldn’t just buy pre-killed mice from pet shops…well, we want to make sure the mice we’re feeding have lived a good life, and are as healthy as possible.

Just as people raise chickens for food, and wish to make sure they live as fulfilling a life as possible, we want to raise happy mice that will be nutritionally first-class for our pets.

Our mice are raised with love and handled daily. We care about their quality of life and, when the time comes, they are humanely euthanised. Unlike humans who can choose not to eat meat, many herps NEED mice to survive…this is the kindest way to provide that.

Pinkies – 20p each
Fuzzies – 25p each
Hoppers – 30p each
Small – 35p each
Medium – 40p each

Limited stock available, if you need a particular size please get in touch and we’ll see what we have!

Pet mice

We may have stock that could also be sold as pets – NOT FOR LIVE FEEDING – if people are struggling to find mice in the area. Our mice are handled daily, and are very happy and tame. We have many pieds available (currently all red eyes) along with satins and some agouti types.


Females: £2.50 each
Males: £2


60g: £3

Can also sell beetles or pupae (for faster breeding) if needed, just get in touch!