We are two big-time animal lovers who have a passion for herptiles and breeding mice.

We love herps and are always planning our next addition – we have wanted a Blue Tongue Skink for years!

Currently on the herp side of things we have an adopted Snow Corn adult (5.5ft), a Fire Skink, a Leopard Gecko, and two Musk Turtles.

We are not just a herp family though, we also have two dogs, two cats, two rabbits, mice and chickens 🙂

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We breed mice, and have been doing so for several years now. We’re extremely proud of our lines; our mice have NEVER bitten, our keepers from the first litter are still going strong at 2 years old, and satin mice run heavy in our breeding scheme.

We breed for temperament and colouring. We used to breed mice as pets for other people, but unfortunately due to being disabled I can no longer continue with that. Now we breed to explore mouse genetics, so we have the best mice possible, and to provide food for our herps.

If you don’t agree with feeder mice, this page is not for you 😉

We are very careful breeders, and the happiness of our mice is always at the forefront – just because some will be feeder mice doesn’t mean they are treated any differently. They live in cages with mental stimulation (puzzle feeders, toilet roll tubes, toys, wheels), are handled daily, and are fed a homemade mouse mix.

Our females are carefully bred, they never have more than three litters in their lifetime and they have rest periods between each litters. Any mice that are to become snake food are humanely culled – I never livefeed, and the method we use to cull mice is veterinary approved.

Why breed feeders?

I get asked this a lot, and it’s annoying because the answer is so simple.

I breed feeder mice because it’s better for the mice and my snakes!!

Wow, shocker!!

Mice sold as snake food in shops are raised in truly horrific conditions. They were bred in rodent farms, they lived an awful existence and I don’t want to support that…nor do I want to feed my herps sickly, nutritionally-lacking food!! I also heard recently from someone who lost a snake after feeding frozen mice bought from a store which were poisoned!!

I breed my own feeder mice so I know exactly how they have been raised and what they have been fed. My mice are raised with love, and I know they have had a good life. Similarly I know they are the best they could be, nutritionally, for my other pets 🙂