About the live food!

For years we bought our pet’s foods from pet shops, but we grew tired of bringing home plastic containers of half-dead insects, and feeding mice to our snake that were almost definitely raised in rodent farms in inhumane conditions.

Not only was it awful for the rodents, but they can’t have been as nutritious for our snake.

We decided to breed the staples ourselves; we would keep them in the best conditions we possibly could, and give them the happiest lives possible. Just because they’re feeders (and just because most are insects!) doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a nice place to live and good food.

Currently we do not deliver, so it’s collection only (this will be remedied!) from Lancashire, North West, UK.

Also, if anybody is interested in keeping any of these as pets (mice, Dubia roaches etc), get in touch and we’ll see if we can sort you out.

Email: grubsuplivefood@gmail.com

About us!

We are two big-time animal lovers who have a passion for herptiles.

I finally got my first cornsnake at 18, a tiny Carolina hatchling. He was literally as wide as a shoelace!

Watching him grow was fascinating, and I couldn’t be happier with my first choice of snake. He has firmly solidified corns as my go-to snake, and I consider them the best beginner snake. They are hardy, eager feeders, and the fact they come in so many morphs is amazing.

Alongside snakes we have had several insects as pets (Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches, African Giant Millepede and Giant African Land snails), lizards (a Crested Gecko and a Fire Skink), and amphibians (Fire Bellied Todas and White’s Tree Frogs).

We are not just a herp family though, and also have three dogs, a cat, mice, gerbils and chickens 🙂