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We raise critters with care to be nutritious meals for your snakes, lizards or amphibians.

All our animals are raised as pets, which means they are kept in roomy enclosures & live happy lives. They are nutritionally awesome for your animals!

By June 2017 we will supply:

  • Dubia Roaches

These are suitable to be the staple diet for many herps, and are nutritionally superior to crickets. Most people choose crickets over roaches due to finding roaches ‘creepy’, but they are entirely harmless, can’t fly, don’t smell and are awesome for your pet!

  • Mealworms

These are fairly high in fat and make a fantastic treat for your herp or to add some variety to their diet.

  • Frozen mice

We do breed feeder mice, but these are raised as our pets. They live in a large enclosure, are fed a home-made food mix, have lots of toys and are handled daily.

We supply frozen mice and usually have a variety of sizes available.

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