Baby mice!

We’ve had three litters in the past 10 days, and have some stunning babies growing 😍

Two of these litters were accidental. We put one of my favourite males, who is almost 16 months old & was presumed sterile after being in a cage with several young females and no pregnancies, in our retirement cage so he needn’t be alone. Well, two mice who I didn’t want to breed were impregnated, and one young female who was living with them too 😅

The oldest litter is a litter of 4 babies, birthed by Bo. She is about a year old and had one litter at 5 months old, but was a very poor mum…not very good at feeding them, several runts etc.

This litter she has had four healthy babies, three of which are extreme satins! One in particular with a large white band is absolutely stunning 😍 And the only non satin baby looks just like my favourite mouse from our first ever litter!

My favourite satin

The second litter are coming up to a week old now, and there are three little ones I’m hugely excited to see as they grow.

And finally we have the pinkies, who at 4 days old are growing like weeds and changing everyday!!

Beautiful babies!!



I know I posted about us possibly adopting a snow corn, and then I just didn’t post anything else about her!

Well we adopted her late September; she’s about 5ft long and the best cornsnake I’ve ever owned!

She’s amazingly chill. She sits on top of her log tunnel most the time, snoozing and watching the world go by. When it’s feeding time my boyfriend opens the door and plops the mouse right next to her – she is SO laid back!!

She’s eaten every mouse offered (other than when she was shedding) and she’s a dream to handle. Incredibly relaxed and confident 🙂

When she’s not sleeping she loves exploring her viv and uses every bit of climbin enrichment provided…pretty much the perfect snake haha 😊

Feeder mice: the process

I’m going to be talking about how I manage my feeder mice, these are mice that receive the same care as pets, but most will become snake food.

My actively breeding mice all live in a 80cm DIY RUB cage.

Currently there are 9 females and 1 male in there, and almost all the girls are pregnant 😁 When the first girl gives birth or they look like they’re gonna pop, Chester (my buck) is removed and goes into his temporary cage (55cm wired bird cage). 

When the babies reach 4 weeks they are humanely euthanized for snake food. At 6-8 weeks old whichever sized females we need are taken out and culled (these can be the most recent litter or the adult females). I keep 5-10 females at a time.

Chester is added back to the group at this stage and the cycle continues.

Every 2 months a new male is added to the stock.

Any females that have had 3 litters OR are older than 8 months old get moved into the females retirement cage. This is a 70cm RUB 🙂

Currently there are two young girls who aren’t for breeding, a 10.5 month old girl, a 13 month old girl and a 13 month old boy who can’t mate anymore 😁

I will not be answering the question “how do you kill the mice?”, because most time this is just people who aren’t interested in the answer but are really wanting to take offense and cause trouble 😂

However yes it is humane, and a veterinary approved method!